Here’s How To Find Your Dream Home in 2017

By January 5, 2017Top Tips

Happy New Year!

It’s no secret that every New Year brings New Year’s resolutions. Despite good intentions, it’s a fact of life that come February, all those resolutions that you made on January 1st may have completely gone out of the window!

That’s why it’s much better to set yourself realistic goals that you CAN achieve.

If you’re like most people, you probably have a clear idea about what your dream home might look like. For some it might be having a huge backyard with a pool for the kids to play in; for others it might be a 9th floor apartment with all the mod-cons and an ocean view.

Whatever your dream home might be, we can help you find it and make 2017 that super special year.

 Here’s Our Top 5 Tips To Finding Your Dream Home

1)    Make a ‘must-have list’. This is a wish list that includes all the features that your dream home must have. What are your non-negotiables and what are you happy to let go by the wayside? Does it need a backyard, or space to build on a later stage? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you definitely need and what would just be an added bonus? Do you long to see ocean views or is backing onto a beautiful park more your thing? Do this first, before you do anything else.

2)    Work out your budget. Not just your “this is ideally what we can afford to pay each month” budget, but also the “I know at a stretch we can afford it because it’s my dream house” budget. Know in advance what that extra money will mean to you; what will you have to sacrifice in order to make the higher payments a possibility, and keep this in mind when house-hunting. E.g. “if we go for the house with the swimming pool, we’ll need to hold off buying a new car, or we will only be able to have one holiday a year – is it worth it?”

3)    Do your research WELL. And even better, work with a Real Estate Agent who can give you all the facts and figures you need. Not only that, but check out the areas that you’re interested in. Walk around the suburb and see who lives there. What is it like at night? Is there much going on in the way of amenities and entertainment? What are the local schools like? These are all important factors when choosing where you want your dream home to be.  Location is the most important factor, the house itself can be completely renovated, knocked down and built again if you want to. Making sure you are in the best spot is paramount.

4)    Work with a local Estate Agent. Somebody that knows the area well and who understands what your needs are. Even more importantly, you need to find an Agent who can fight your corner and pull that deal out of the bag for you. A mean negotiator is a must! Working with the right Buyers’ Agent can save you $thousands.

5)    Have faith and believe! Anything is possible in life and if you go about things the right way, then your dream house is there for the taking.

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