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Kim Bamford is my name, and selling property is my game!

I was given the slogan BAM & It’s Sold very early in my career, after consistently selling all of the ‘impossible to sell’ and ‘stale properties’ my experienced colleagues (some veterans in the industry) had given up on. I sell pretty much every property I take on, problem background, divorce, separation, deceased estate, bankruptcy sale, you name it, I can sell it. Unless there is something out of my control, such as tenant issues or a change in the seller’s circumstances.

To me it’s simple, positive energy attracts positive results! I am very high energy, a spiritual being with a passion for success and generating money for other people. I believe it’s imperative to create the best possible presentation, treat everybody with love and respect and look after every home as if it is my own. I work with like-minded busy people that don’t mess around, they value their time and take on all of my advice to get fantastic results in record time.  I attract the best possible buyers with a unique and powerful marketing strategy, and get them to act, through positive connection, excitement and creating urgency while ensuring that everybody is happy and comfortable throughout the whole process.

Moving houses is one of the most stressful times in your life so what you need is a trusted professional to manage stress levels and make everything seem as simple and easy as possible. Excellent communication and a friendly open honest approach are what my clients tell me they enjoy most about working with me.

Since partnering with Xceed Real Estate I have been able to truly focus on what I do best which is building relationships, listing and selling property. Thanks to the support of the amazing team in the office, I am achieving exceptional results for my clients while still having plenty of playtime with my son Henry, which is the reason why we go to work, to create a happy fun and enjoyable life for our family.  At Xceed, we are consistently delivering outstanding results in both Property Management and Sales, thanks to our advanced technology systems, generous incentives, social culture, focus on family first and of course, being coached and mentored in-house by the best in the business. This keeps us upskilled and ready to handle all levels of negotiations and complex problem-solving.

I am a Scarborough local since 2012 and love being part of our beautiful community. 

You will likely spot me at a local coffee shop or bar, regularly on our Buy Nothing and Being Neighbourly Facebook pages. I am an active member of Scarborough Rotary and I am on the committee of Operation Sunshine. My major purpose in life is to enhance the lives of children, especially those escaping abuse, here in Australia and oversees.  I contribute regularly with donations and you will see me holding fundraisers and collecting items for Children and the Homeless so hopefully you will find it in your heart to dig deep and offer a donation of money or your time to help those less fortunate than us.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I look forward to hearing all about you and how I can help you on your journey to bigger (or smaller) and better things.

Kim Bamford

Licensed Real Estate Agent

About Kim Bamford

Specialising in the place she calls home, Scarborough WA, Kim is a local mum who has been selling Real Estate since 2013 and has gained unrivalled local knowledge in the ever-changing marketplace, and offers superior advice to Buyers, Sellers, Landlords and developers alike.

Kim’s incredible work ethic, negotiation skills and gift for communication combine to ensure that she is always exceeding the wildest expectations of her clients and achieving the highest sales prices in the quickest time.  It is this impressive core skill-set that made her transition into real estate so seamless, achieving record sales figures, appearing multiple times in the REIWA Top 30 recognition awards and selling 29 properties, all within her first year.

Her refined ability to understand and match people’s needs with their wants and their heads with their hearts is what makes her so successful. Now well established in the industry, Kim or BAM has become a household name around Scarborough real estate.

There is no doubt it was her corporate background in B2B Sales that catapulted her success in the real estate industry. With 12 years of experience at senior management level in the recruitment of construction and mining professionals, Kim’s experience in negotiating at high levels and dealing with builders and developers is priceless. A tough negotiator but open and friendly, she has created a vast network of business contacts who quickly turned into long-term friends from being buyers and sellers, the thing she is most proud of, and how 80% of her business comes from past clients and referrals. She has proven to be a trusted friend and authority in the Scarborough and surrounding marketplace.

Kim absolutely loves the outstanding coastal lifestyle that Scarborough offers and enjoys the wide demographic of people that it attracts.  A member of the Scarborough Rotary, she is deeply connected with the local community and is excited about driving new initiatives to better enhance the future for our children.

To connect with a beautiful soul that will always do the best for you, be sure to get in touch with Kim Bamford for all things Real Estate.

 “BAM! And it’s Sold.”